Daily Specials


The following is a list of some of our daily specials that are not listed on our regular menu.  Call for daily specials over the phone for phone orders! Prices may vary due to season and availability.  Have a favorite? If its slow and mid week (Tue -Thurs) and we have the ingredients.  Ask for it!

Veal Cordon Blue

           Sliced veal, Ham, melted swiss cheese and a special sauce of the day, white wine and butter, or bearnaise

Chicken Cordon blue 

 Chicken Breast, Ham, melted swiss cheese and a special sauce of the day, white wine and butter, or bearnaise 


          They come from miles around for this one.  Jean has been making it for 35 years!   With mushrooms and bordelaise (Burgundy wine sauce)

Veal en croute 

  Ground veal formed into a loaf with a light pastery shell, add a reduced veal and white wine sauce!

Steak et Frites

           Steak cut of the day grilled with fries and salad, add our specialty sauce of the day, garlic butter, bordelaise, etc...

Roasted Chicken

Basted and seasoned to perfection, moist and delicious

Roasted beef,(Top sirloin, Tri Tip or Spenser roasts)

          Served au jus, or in Brown wine gravy

Rack of Lamb 

  Roasted to order, spiced to perfection

Lamb Chops with garlic butter

Grilled to order with our famous garlic butter seasoning

Roast leg of lamb

          Leg of lamb, sliced au jus

Baked ham with sweet pepper tomato sauce

Chicken breast stuffed with veal

           Chicken Breast rolled and stuffed with ground veal and spices, served with a sauce blanche 

Chicken Provencale

Chicken Breast grilled, served in butter, garlic, and special herbes

Roast duckling in orange sauce

 Duckling roasted well done with a reduced sauce of duck stock, orange, sugar, spices. Perfection!

Beef Burgundy

           Hearty Chucks of beef in a rich burgundy wine sauce with pearl onions, carrots, mushroom 

Pork Loin Balsamic sauce

Boneless Pork Lion Grilled or roasted with Balsalmic Vinegar reduced sauce in shallots

Lamb Shanks

 Lamb Roasted in wine sauce, onions, sweat peppers, a favorite!

Lamb stew

           Chunks of lamb, seared and baked to perfection, in a traditional dark wine sauce, sweet carrots

Rabbit Stew

 Rabbit baked to perfection, reduced stock, wine, carrots, sweat onion

Venison loin with balsamic sauce

           Marinated venison loin, seared served best, rare to medium, balsamic sauce, mushroom

Quails (2)

 Grilled, served with a raspberry glaze

Talapia lemon butter

           White delicate filet, similar to sole

Marinated Ahi Tuna seared rare, served with avocado, tomato, enoke mushroom

Salmon Poached with white butter sauce

Red Snapper with avocado vinaigrette

           Orange Roughy, roasted sweet pepper sauce

Smoky flavor add to sweet red bell peppers, olive oil, seasoning, mild  and flavorful!

Swordfish remoulade

Our own spicey chef's sauce with watercress, mustard greens, onion, pickle, horseradish, mayonaise

Smoked Turkey and Brie Salad

Cold Roast Beef and Brie Salad

Chicken Breast and Shrimp Salad

Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Salad

Grilled Salmon Salad

Australian Rock Lobster with red butter sauce

Alaskan Halibut with green herb and caper sauce

Steak Grille Spenser cut- garlic butter

Chicken Breast and Shrimp in Dijon white wine sauce

Salmon grilled with white wine and green peppercorn sauce